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Page Background

Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Acoustics and Vibrations

Director – Stewart Glegg, Ph.D., P.E.

The Center for Acoustics and Vibrations

specializes in underwater acoustics, sonar

technology, structural acoustics and vibration,

aeroacoustics and hydroacoustics. Support

for research in these areas is provided by the

National Science Foundation, the Office

of Naval Research, the Naval SurfaceWarfare

Center, the Naval Underwater Systems Center,

the Naval Research Laboratory and NASA. The

Center has seven faculty members and supports

a number of graduate students. Graduate

degrees are offered at the masters and doctoral

degree levels in Ocean Engineering with a

specialization in Acoustics and Vibration.

Center for Advancement of Distance

Educations Technologies

Director – Bassem Alhalabi, Ph.D.

The Center for Advancement of Distance

Educations Technologies (CADET) conducts

research and develops new and innovative

technologies to create complete remote distance

educational system solutions for all disciplines of

learning. Research at the center is conducted with

the objective of stimulating and enhancing all

domains of learning skills in students and making

“virtual” education more accessible. The scope

has broadened to include development of smart

embedded systems which covers educational,

medical, social and commercial applications.

Center for Advanced Knowledge


Director – Borko Furht, Ph.D.

The Center for Advanced Knowledge

Enablement (CAKE) is an NSF Industry/

University Cooperative Research Center that

provides a framework for interaction between

university faculty and industry in the critically

important areas of information technology,

communication and computing. CAKE works to

accomplish the following goals:

to continuously evolve an understanding

of the technology needs of the industry

sector through direct contact with industry

professionals and related corporations;


to identify basic research themes that

meet the needs of the private and public



to conduct industry-relevant research.

Center for Hydrodynamics

and Physical Oceanography

Director – Karl von Ellenrieder, Ph.D.

The Center for Hydrodynamics and Physical

Oceanography promotes excellence in

research and graduate education in the areas of

hydrodynamics and physical oceanography. The

Center’s focus is on fluid mechanics pertaining

to the ocean, air-sea interaction and to

surface and subsurface vehicles and structures.

Theoretical, computational and experimental

research activities include:

investigations of hydrodynamic design,

drag, propulsion and maneuvering of

vehicles and associated flow control and


studies of basic physical processes

involving air-sea interaction, wave motion,

currents, turbulence, stratified flows,

mixing and sediment transport.