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1-D and M-D Digital Signal Processing

Ali Zilouchian, Ph.D. 39


Acoustic Propagation

George Frisk, Ph.D. 45

Acoustic Sediment Property Prediction

Steven Schock, Ph.D. 49

Acoustics (Underwater)

Pierre-Philippe Beaujean, Ph.D. 42

Acoustic Surface Waves

George Frisk, Ph.D. 45

Advanced High Strength Composites

Madasamy Arockiasamy, Ph.D. 18

Aero Acosutics

Steward Glegg, Ph.D., P.E. 46

Alternative Energy

Ali Zilouchian, Ph.D. 39

Delores De Groff, Ph.D. 29

Alternative/Recycled Materials

Khaled Sobhan, Ph.D. 21

Analog Electronic Circuits Design

Zvi Roth, Ph.D. 35


Vichate Ungvichian, Ph.D. 36

Applied Cryptography

Mehrdad Nojoumian, Ph.D. 33

Array Processing

Valentine Aalo, Ph.D. 26

Assistive Technology

Oren Masory, Ph.D. 47

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Pak-Cheung Edgar An, Ph.D. 42


Big Data Analytics

Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Ph.D. 32


Chi-Tay Tsai, Ph.D. 49


Xingquan Zhu, Ph.D. 38

Bioinspiration and Biomimetics

Eric Engeberg, Ph.D. 45


Kevin Yunqing Kang, Ph.D. 46


Javad Hashemi, Ph.D. 41

Biomedical and Health Informatics

Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Ph.D. 32

Biomimetics and Biological Propulsion

Oscar M. Curet, Ph.D. 43

Bio-Nano Interface

Peng Yi, Ph.D. 22

Bone Regeneration

Kevin Yunqing Kang, Ph.D. 46

Brain Machine Interfaces

Erik Engeberg, Ph.D. 45

Buried Object Imaging (3-D)

Steven Schock, Ph.D. 49


Cathodic Protection

Francisco Presuel-Moreno, Ph.D. 48

Cell Biomechanics & Biophysics

Sarah E. Du, Ph.D. 44

Cell Material Interaction

Waseem Asghar, Ph.D. 27

Center for Acoustics and Vibrations 13

Center for Advanced Knowledge

Enablement 13

Center for Advancement of Distance

Educations Technologies 13

Center for Infrastructure and

Constructed Facilities 14

Center for Intermodal Transportation

Safety and Security 14


Research Index