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At the IAB meeting at FAU (October 2011), Borko Furht, Ph.D., Professor,

Director of the Center and Chair of the CEECS department presented a

Certificate of Appreciation for the outstanding contributions to the FAU

Center and the CEECS Department to the following industry members: Steve

Geffin, VP of Avocent; Armando Escalante, CTO of LexisNexis; Jay Salkini,

CEO of Tecore Networks; Mike Levine, Manager of Last Best Chance; and

Jaime Borras, CEO of Wireless Silicong Group and Chair of the IAB.

Signing the agreement with Pronto Progress:

Shihong Huang, Ph.D., PI of the project; Borko Furht,

Ph.D.; and Tim Proksh, CEO of Pronto Progress.