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“This will be a revolutionary technology which has the potential

to help consumers and businesses reduce their healthcare costs by

deploying these cutting edge concepts into their processes,” said

Agarwal. Napthali Rishe, Ph.D., professor of computer science

and director of the I/UCRC, CAKE FIU site serves as the principal

investigator for the FIU portion of the project. The co-principal

investigators of the study include Ravi Behara, Ph.D., associate

professor of information technology and operations management

at FAU; Furht; and Hari Kalva, Ph.D., associate professor of

computer science at FAU. Faiz Fatteh, M.D., president and CEO

of Soren Technology, provided matching funds to the FAU portion

of the project. Soren Technology provides electronic health records

systems specifically designed to develop, test, deploy and adapt

new and existing methodologies to improve collaboration between

healthcare providers and patients.




FAU’s I/UCRC, CAKE has partnered with Motorola Mobility to work

on a joint-research project relating to the development of state-of-

the-art mobile applications for various mobile platforms. Motorola

Mobility, powered by Google, has provided $175,000 for I/UCRC,

CAKE membership and project funding, along with $1.3 million of

equipment for mobile-system development in support of CAKE.

“We are very pleased thatMobileMobility joined our Center, which currently

has 20 industry partners and more than $1 million in memberships,” said

Borko Furht, Ph.D., professor and director of the I/UCRC, CAKE FAU site.

“We initiated an exciting applied joint research project, and are confident

that this is just the beginning of a long-lasting and successful collaboration

with Google. Ankur Agarwal, Ph.D., associate professor of computer

science at FAU, serves as the principal investigator and has assembled a

team of 10 graduate and undergraduate students who will be working on

the project with him.

Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, operates a 1-million-square-foot

space for mobile device and home business services in Plantation, Florida.

Motorola Mobility and FAU teams celebrate the beginning of the project.