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to participate from within their network. For

instance the Google+ provides one such platform

where people within Google circle network can

host a call. This project has two related goals:

1. To understand and explore new protocols

for increasing the efficiency and quality of

calls based on VoIP protocol

2. To understand and explore new approaches

for easy and intuitive integration of social

media platform and VoIP service.

Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies have become

very popular. They have successfully captured a

large market share and have proved to be a very

efficient tool for collaboration, online meeting,

content sharing and voice calls. The call quality

depends upon the available bandwidth and the

quality of the call is directly proportional to the

amount of content (data) being shared. In fact

after a point (data overloading), it is seen that the

quality of call exponentially deteriorates.

Similarly an increasing number of people are

spending their time on social media. Therefore

an ability to host meetings seamlessly from a

social media platform with VoIP technology is

gaining popularity. This would allow people

Exploration and Integration

of Voice over IP Technologies

with Social Media Platform

Ankur Agarwal, PI, Borko Furht, Co-PI

Industry partner interested in

this project: Motorola Mobility (powered

by Google)

Residential network including VoIP