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The use of a smartphone and the number of

smartphone applications both are growing

exponentially. The natural extension of this

expansion is the growth of mobile commerce.

This project explored various algorithms and

methods for developing mobile commerce

products. This extension of mobile commerce

has potential to not only provide convenience

of executing commerce through a mobile

device but can also provide a higher level of

security than existing methods. Among various

security issues, mobile wallet can help track

monies flowing through various countries

and allow secured monitoring and tracking

of money thereby reducing the possibilities

of various types of transactional frauds

associated with either lost or a stolen credit/

debit card or its information, identity theft and

or money laundering schemes among others.

The mobile and Web-based system algorithms

were designed in compliance with the rules

and regulations of the current banking

industry standards such as (Know your

Customers (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering

(AML)). Various mobile applications related

to mobile commerce was developed for an

iPhone and Android platform. CAKE at FAU

played a major role in conceptualizing the

Mobile Point of Sale and the mobile based

e-commerce products and developed the

testing procedures for testing and debugging

their backend code.

We developed the embedded device (hardware

point-of-sale) which processed the WiGi

proprietary barcode (an equivalent of a mobile

Mobile Commerce Technology

Ankur Agarwal, PI