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In 2009, Florida Atlantic University received a five-year grant

from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to create the site of

the Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE) as an

Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) that will

provide a framework for interaction between university faculty and

industry in the critically important areas of information technology,

communication, and computing. There are only 15 NSF-supported

centers in these areas in the United States. Our Center operates as

a site of the Florida International University center whose director

is Dr. Naphtali Rishe.

The NSF I/UCRC has proven to be a win-win situation both for

our university and our industry and government partners. We

are thrilled with the opportunity to conduct industrially relevant

research, receive additional funding for it, and moreover, benefit

from the recognition and prestige of being an NSF research center.

Our Center is successfully building a bridge linking academia,

industry, and government in a coordinated research initiative,

which this region desperately needed. The Center, representing the

combined efforts of FAU and FIU researchers, now has the critical

mass to serve the information technology industry and to help

South Florida IT mature into the top tier.

I am proud that our Center presently has 24 industry members with

the total memberships of $1.8 million in CAKE membership and

$2.8 million in equipment and software membership. We have more

About th e C e nt e r


Our project on “Distributed Cloud

Computing Study: 3-D Visualization

Services for Climate Data on Demand,”

was selected by the NSF to be included

in their published Compendium on

“Industry-Nominated Technology

Breakthroughs of NSF Industry/

University Cooperative Research

Centers”, 2012.