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GPS, and the mobile phones of users will be

explored to achieve the ideal of reserving a

specific spot. The end goal of this project

is a mobile app that communicates with

a parking location service to identify and

reserve parking spaces that are closest to a

user’s final destination.

Finding space to park a vehicle can be a time

consuming and stressful process on large

university campuses and venues such as malls

and shopping centers. An ideal solution will

provide users with directions to a specific

open parking space. Installing networked

sensors in each parking space is an expensive

process that is difficult to install and maintain.

We are developing a multi-sensor based, low

cost solution to monitor parking lots and

reserve parking spaces. Cameras will be used

to monitor large parking lots and image and

video processing based solutions are being

developed to detect empty parking spaces as

well as monitor occupancy and occupancy

rates of parking lots. Sensors such as RFIDs,

Campus 2020: Automating Space

Identification and Reservation

Hari Kalva, PI


Student: Fracisco Justo



interested in

this project:

ILST Technology

and Aware


(a) Original image (b)

Processed image with

occupied and empty

space detection