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a specified period of time. The application

allows the ability to “drill-in” and get specific

information about where revenue is coming

from and sale reports on products and sales


Epicor Menu Customizations

Epicor is an extensive Enterprise Resource

Planning (ERP) system software for businesses

in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail

and services industries. Epicor, being a 20+

years old program, is extremely large and

encompasses the majority of the business

process for its users. In this project, we created

software modification and customization, so

that the Epicor ERP can more closely suit the


, and Silverlight platforms, and evolving

a client-server Epicor desktop application.

Sales History Program

Analyzing the profitability of a company is a

very important task for company managers and

financial analyzers. However, sometimes is

difficult to find out where the profit is coming

from and how each product is performing. In

this project, we developed a system to monitor

and analyze customer’s revenue and generate

quarterly financial reports.

The Sales History program has been developed

in Silverlight and provides detailed data on

the sales history over fiscal periods or over

The project investigates the existing and

new technologies of various Web-based

applications, and implements and deploys

projects to customers. Over the past four

years, in this project we implemented and

deployed more than 15 Web applications

to customer sites. These projects include:

Legacy Web applications maintenance and

evolution, Internet Transaction Processing,

report generations from different databases

(e.g., Crystal Report), migrating existing

applications to Service Oriented Architecture

(SOA), developing and enhancing web-based

application services, application analysis

and manipulation, reporting of business

data, applications using OpenEdge, Progress,

New Techniques for Web-Based Applications

Shihong Huang PI


Students: Rowan Hughes and Eric Cho

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