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Page Background

than 20 active industry projects with 15 faculty and more than 20

graduate and undergraduate students involved in these projects. One

of our completed projects – a joint effort with FIU and the University

of Maryland and sponsored by NSF, titled “Distributed Cloud

Computing Study: 3-D Visualization Services for Climate Data

on Demand,” – has been selected by NSF to be included in

their recently published Compendium on “Industry-Nominated

Technology Breakthroughs of NSF Industry/University Cooperative

Research Centers”.

Several completed projects and relating results, products, and

systems are now commercialized and being applied by local

companies including Pronto Progress, Relli Technologies, Adventure

Technologies, and Avocent.

This booklet presents the mission and research agenda of the

Center, its organization, and memberships. It also introduces our

industry partners, who are members of the Center, and the FAU

faculty members involved in the research projects as well as a

brief description of the applied research projects conducted by

the Center.

Borko Furht, Ph.D.

Director, I/UCRC, FAU Site

Chair, Department of Computer & Electrical Engineering and

Computer Science

The I/UCRC CAKE is housed

in the LEED Platinum

certified Engineering

East building.