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Our Center’s mission is to accomplish the following goals:


To continuously evolve an understanding of the technology

needs of the industry sector through direct contact with

industry professionals and related corporations.


To identify applied research themes that meet the needs of

private and public sectors.


To conduct industry-relevant research.

Our Center research agenda includes the creation of new

technologies for various Web-based applications, next generation

hardware and software development techniques and tools, mobile

and wireless systems and technologies, video compression and

communication technologies and systems, networking and

communication systems, data mining and machine learning

technologies, and various interdisciplinary initiatives and

applications including medical systems and healthcare informatics.

Our research is applicable to many fields, including national

defense and homeland security, healthcare, biomedical science,

environmental science, entertainment, finance, and technology

services. Issues of interest to multiple industries are also explored

through partnerships and collaborative research.

M i s s i on an d R e s ear ch Ag e n da