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this project:

Hillers Electrical


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Renovation and expansion of transportation

systems require minimization of disruption of

service while incorporating best practices and

cutting-edge technology to minimize energy

consumption. The objective of this project is

to analyze, model and document alternative

designs and technologies that impact the

efficiency of electrical systems used in airports

with the goal of attaining maximum LEED

certification for new airport constructions and

expansions. A case study will focus on the

proposed new International Concourse for

the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International

Airport expansion, projected to have 6 new

gates for international flights. The research of

design alternatives and efficiency maximization

of the electrical systems will include alternative

Design of Airport Electrical Systems

Maria M. Larrondo Petrie, PI


Student: Rosana Melendez

technologies such as LED for lighting and

photovoltaic systems for fire alarms, to enable

increased availability of normal, emergency

and life safety power while maintaining service

to the existing terminals.

The design analysis will include eleven major

systems that require power, including control

of lighting, conveyance, temperature, baggage

handling, telecommunications, fire alarms and

other security systems for emergency and life

safety loads. The first phase of the research will

focus on alternative designs for a photovoltaic

system and analysis and verification that the

design meets the systems requirements specified

by the Transportation Security Administration

and the Broward County Aviation Department.

Fort Lauderdale-

Hollywood International

Airport, current aerial view

Proposed Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood

International Airport expansion